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Some of the questions we are most frequently asked.


Yes! On average a tree will capture 48 pounds of CO2 per year and over 1 tonne in its lifetime. Planting has real tangible benefits in helping, however deforestation is a real issue and as such we will give a proportion of our profits to charities, including deforestation charities. Please see our charity section for more information.

No, not at present. We decided that a monthly subscription puts you in control and cancel whenever you like. However, if you cancel no further trees will be planted and your emissions will not be we don’t understand why you would 😀

To make the world a better place. Climate change has been at the forefront of government agendas for a number of years however we are producing more CO2 than ever before. We need to be doing more so we decided to set up a simple and easy way with no hassle to offset your emissions.

Yes! 2 more projects to offset your transport emissions will be coming in 2020 along with a full package to Carbon Zero your life. 

That’s based on the size of your house, however we will plant more that the required amount to help reduce your carbon emissions further so you can rest easy that we have more than covered your homes footprint.

Each month you will receive an email confirming how many trees have been planted on your behalf. Furthermore, we will have regular emails to keep you informed with all our projected and the evidence of these being funded. 

All are verified by The Carbon certified projects.

Carbon offsetting should never be the first response to climate change. We all have a responsibility to measure our carbon footprint and reduce it as best we can. However this will always leave us with some kind of footprint. That’s why offsetting plays a crucial role. What we then do is take the minimised carbon footprint you have and offset this with our professional partners who work across the world putting the required.

We work with trusted partners who will evidence the tree planting and the purchase of these trees by our organisation. In addition there is a monthly update of total trees planted in that month with pictures to show the progress.

You are free to stop at anytime at all by simply logging into your account and clicking the "Cancel Subscription" button.

1 bed House/Flat - average usage 9900 Kwh (8000 Gas, 1900 Electricity). 2 Tonne of CO2

2 bed House/Flat - average usage 15100 Kwh (12000 Gas, 3100 Electricity). 3.07 Tonne of CO2

3 bed House/Flat - average usage 21600 Kwh (17000 Gas, 4600 Electricity). 4.06 Tonne of CO2

4 bed House/Flat - average usage 24350 Kwh. 4.93 Tonne of CO2

5 bed House/Flat - average usage 27100. 5.46 Tonne of CO2

6+ bed House/Flat - average usage 29850. 5.99 Tonne of CO2